STEAM Innovators

Ask like a Scientist….design and build like an Engineer…imagine and create like an Artist…and PLAY like a KID!

  • STEAM It – STEAM in action! Design, develop, and innovate STEAM solutions to every day 8-12 yr. old learning challenges/problems.
  • SpaceX and Ad Astra – Think like an engineer in space! Explore the brilliant minds in 21st-century space technologies like Elon Musk and Franklin Chang Diaz. Learn about the earth from space and the interconnectivity of life on earth.
  • RoboSTEAM – Have fun tinkering with LEGO robotics and engineering challenges.
  • Digital Media and KidsArt Lab – an early introduction to coding and programming including creative adventures in painting, visual arts, and mixed media for budding artists ages 8-12 years old.