Summer Camps

Welcome to STEAM Summer Camps 2021!

Camp Hours:

  • 9am – 12pm
  • 12:30 – 3:30pm

The summer program starts at 9 am (full-days and half-days AM) and 12:30 pm (half-days PM). Pick-up at 12pm (half-days AM) and 3:30 pm (full-days and half-days PM), or as soon as individual camp ends. Please understand that arrival and dismissal times are the most hectic times of the day. If you need to speak with your child’s summer camp teacher, please send a note through email to arrange times to meet at or message in Brightwheel.

Livingston HOA Access:

  • You will be notified by email to download the school’s app Brightwheel (free) and your child’s registration will be uploaded few days before the start of the camp.
  • Please ensure to add a picture ID as soon as your child appears on the app.
  • Show your child’s registration in the app with a picture ID to the HOA staff upon entering the building. (Mandatory)

What to send:

It is recommended for your child to bring a backpack with the following essentials

  • Extra clothing in a zip-loc bag
  • Healthy snacks and lunch (half-days: snacks only; full-days: morning & afternoon snacks and lunch)
  • A water bottle that could be closed tight to prevent spilling
  • Summer essentials: hat, bug repellent (OFF clip-on would be best), sunscreen cream (please no aerosols/sprays)
  • For STEAM Explorers only: For children in potty training, please include extra pair of pull-ups and diaper rash cream (parents’ discretion).

Diapering and Potty-Training Policy:

For children ages 2-3 years old or who are still in potty training, parents must –

  • start introducing the concept of potty (if haven’t started) or must start potty training at home a week prior
  • ensure the child is wearing pull-ups with extra pair and diaper rash cream (parents’ discretion)
  • let the child use the potty before leaving home

The camp facility is equipped with potty seats, baby wipes, and administration staff that are well capable for handling potty training needs. The children will be given bathroom breaks within 1-2 hrs. interval as a group. Young children in pull-ups will be assisted using the potty. Staff will continually monitor the children in pull-ups and to encourage verbal communication to ask for bathroom break/s if feeling the urge to go. For incidents that a child is found with soiled/dirty pull-ups, administration staff will be notified immediately for change and cleaning.

COVID-19 Measures & Restrictions: The camp will adhere to the current Public Health mandate in preventing further spread and necessary supplies will be provided (i.e. hand sanitizers, disposable face shields, etc.). Daily check-in might include temperature checks.

Absent/Sick Policy: You are required to inform us if your child is not coming the next day through the Brightwheel app. If your child is vomiting, has a fever or diarrhea, or has an excessive cough, or anything contagious like “pink eye”, please keep them at home.

Late Policy: Bringing your child late is very distracting to everyone in the camp, please be considerate and try to keep late arrivals to a minimum. We allow 15 minutes grace period to pick-up your child.

Lost and Found: If your child has lost something, please inform the teacher in-charge or email us at

Withdrawal of Services: If you wish to withdraw your child from the program, requests must be sent to 30 days prior to starting the scheduled camp.

The camp reserves the right to ask for the withdrawal of a child whose behavior makes the environment unsafe for other children. Similarly, parents are asked to be respectable to staff and any complaints should be sent to

Toys/Electronics: Please refrain from letting your child bring any toys/electronics from home, as we are not responsible if these items are damaged, lost, or stolen.

Please don’t hesitate to speak with us if you have any further questions or concerns about your child and their camp experience! Have a wonderful summer!